Yria Boutique Hotel & Spa in Paros island joins forces with Naoussa’s premier restaurant, Mario’s

June 1, 2018

Great food is amongst the most essential holiday delights: Boasting a distinctly epicurean philosophy, at Yria Boutique Hotel & Spa in Paros island, we take matters of the palate very seriously. That is why our gastronomic offerings are one of the major fortes of our hotel; indeed renowned throughout Paros island; and a reason to visit Yria whether you’re a resident or not. But it’s not in our mentality to just rest on our laurels.

In our quest to excel -and actually make a difference- this season we have inaugurated a collaboration with Paros island finest:  Mario’s, serving a Greek-Mediterranean cuisine that seamlessly blends the finest locally sourced ingredients with contemporary cooking  techniques, modern presentation and a touch of the unexpected; is no wonder the premier restaurant in Naoussa’s scenic fish port.


This season through our novel-and exciting- culinary cooperation, Mario’s signature creations may be sampled -and savored- amidst the idyllic setting of Yria’s sea view Nefeli restaurant.


What’s more, for utmost privacy -or for an unforgettable romantic experience- our dishes may be enjoyed at the comfort of your luxury Room, Maisonette, or Suite with room service; or even in your private villa rental.

Yet, though markedly important, gastronomy is not the only good reason for which to select Yria Island Boutique Hotel & Spa in Paros island.


Yria Island Boutique Hotel & Spa in Paros island: A little slice of heaven on earth


Located at the heart of the beautiful Parasporos bay, amongst an oasis of vineyards, trees and wildlife, Yria, is inspired by the postcard-pretty archetypal island settlements. Blending Cycladic chic with the latest amenities and a vast array of tailor made services, it has justly become the hotel of choice amongst Paros island connoisseurs.


To suit different party sizes and individual preferences, Yria offers a wide variety of lodging types: from the superior, romantic double rooms, elegant junior suites, two storey family maisonettes, luxurious executive suites, beautifully appointed suites with their own private infinity pool, to the spacious home away from home, residence suite, or the expansive, gorgeous Yria Ktima white stone, private pool Villa. Yet though addressing diverse demands and needs, all accomodation options are designed to offer the utmost in indulgent living.


After all, this is what Yria boutique hotel & spa is all about: Making sure your every desire and whim is satisfied; while spoiling you rotten in the process! From total relaxation at the open air spa and the exotic pool; to the delightful concoctions of the Selini pool bar; or the culinary gems deriving from Mario’s and Nefeli’s restaurants association, Yria undertakes to elevate your holidays to unprecedented heights. We cordially invite you to come and get a taste of paradise on earth!

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Easter mystique in Paros island

March 28, 2018

Diachronically a magnet to the world’s adventurers and bon vivants, cosmopolitan Paros island, is at its most alluring at Easter, when ageless mystique and time honored customs blend with springtime’s abundant beauty.
The devoutness of the Holy Week culminates on Good Friday, across the churches and monasteries of Paros island. The deposition of Christ is celebrated with Byzantine splendor at Panagia Ekantotapiliani, Paroikia’s trademark church with the hundred doors; while the service at St. George in Lagkada is equally impressive. On the same day, at noon, the inhabitants of Prodromos village will treat you to a traditional revithada (chickpea soup);  in remembrance to their dead.
Later on there is an amazing-albeit relatively new- custom taking place in Marpissa which originated Pre- War, some 100 years ago. This event attracts its lion share of visitors who flock into the village’s narrow lanes to admire a series of tableaux vivants, representing the Life and Passions of Christ. These are silent and still theatrical performances by local children and youth, reenacting scenes from the Resurrection of Lazarus, the Last Supper, Prayers at Mount Olive and the Ascent to Cavalry, among others; to narrate the journey of Jesus to the Cross and Redemption. The Epitaph’s already solemn atmosphere is even more dramatically charged and this is why this reenactment has become world famous. Similar representations are also staged in the villages of Marmara, Prodromos, Lefkes and Aspro Chorio.
The following day, Holy Saturday, brings about a change of mood, as festivities explode throughout the island of Paros, at the stroke of midnight when local priests announce that “Christ has risen” . Fireworks light up the sky, bells ring and everybody starts to kiss each other in affirmation of the miracle. In Naoussa and Paroikia, locals and visitors, after eating the customary mageiritsa, the delectable soup of lamb and greens, that marks the end of the Lent, assemble in the bars and clubs to celebrate until the early morning hours. On Easter Sunday, the smell of roasted lamb permeates the air, and is complemented by abundant merrymaking, cheering and drinking. Naoussa’s quaint fishing port,  resembles a large party where everybody is invited, while in Marpissa, love is celebrated with the revival of the antique custom of Kounia. Festivities continue well into Easter Monday, with festivals in several churches with traditional performances and copious amounts of drinking and dancing.
Indeed Easter in Paros island preserves its diversity and uniqueness; its many ancient facets and flavors.It is a spiritual, devout, as much as bacchanalian kind of experience; to be forever cherished and remembered. How would you like to partake in it all?


Happy Easter from Yria Boutique Hotel & Spa


We know we will at Yria boutique hotel and spa, at the heart of the beautiful Parasporos bay! We wish you a Happy Easter and we hope to see you all, again soon at our resort ‘s opening in May. Stay tuned, as we have a host of amazing surprises in store for the coming season!

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Discover Yria | Secret Paros

Parosdise found!

June 16, 2015
An island in the bay of Kolimbithres near Naoussa on the north coast of Paros, Greece

Yria is one of those resorts that lingers in your vacation fantasies with its sensational pool, superb pampering and unique rooms and suites. Adding a touch of luxury to the charming cycladic setting, Yria invites you to taste sophisticated mediterranean cuisine, indulge in head-to-toe pampering and unwind in the care of skilled experts offering a broad array of invigorating face and body therapies.

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Secret Paros

Truman Capote’s breakfasts in Paros

February 25, 2014
Naoussa village in northern Paros. The island was once visited by the author Truman Capote.

If you love the works of Truman Capote, you might be surprised to hear that you have one more thing in common. Allow us to reveal the identity of one of our most favorite islanders: Truman Capote! The famous novelist spent a memorable summer in Paros in the late 1950s and as you may imagine, he did not neglect to share his new passion for the Cycladic island through letters and postcards. Click to find out more!

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Great expectations

October 7, 2013

The funniest complaints to Thomas Cook Vacations from dissapointed customers shed light on the essence of travelling, which, just like life, is unpredictable. And that is, in most cases, the best part of it!

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Secret Paros

Eat well, travel often

July 16, 2013

If you appreciate the lack of sophistication and look for a place to eat that will bring you closer to the true soul of the island go for the simplicity of pure Mediterranean magic at Trata. You will be rewarded with the palatable treasures of a menu that changes daily according to seasonality and of course, to the freshness of the available ingredients.

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