Cosmopolitan yet authentically Cycladic, Paros is where travelers may seek exhilarating adventures or indulge in its vibrant lifestyle and nightlife.



Paros lies around 150km south east of Athens, accessed via a 20-minute flight or 3-hour ferry boat trip from the mainland. Paros National Airport is located in the south of the island, 8km from Yria Island Boutique Hotel & Spa and 11km from the island’s capital and main port Parikia.


Paros is an island at once both ancient and new, with rich history and a cosmopolitan flair to prove it. With deep roots in tradition and history tracing over 6,000 years ago, travellers will be intrigued by its past. Well-known ancient civilizations, such as the Cycladic, Minoan and Mycenean, have left their mark upon Paros, with ancient ruins of palaces, towns and temples scattered throughout the island. The four main villages of Paros Naoussa, Parikia, Lefkes and Marpissa with traditional whitewashed cubic houses, mixed with Venetian architecture and neoclassical mansions, wonderful churches dating from the 15th century and windmills create a stunning sight for the eyes. The Ekantotapyliani Church in Parikia, the legendary church with the hundred doors, a well-preserved monument of the Byzantine era and a notable attraction in the island and the old byzantine path from Lefkes to Prodromos village, also known as “the byzantine route” are definitely something that could not be missed!

A destination filled with secrets to uncover and views that will leave you breathless, Paros is located in the heart of the complex of the Cyclades islands and is filled with places of interest, rolling hills, whitewashed villages, picturesque harbour towns and stunning beaches. The island’s 120km of coastline offers a wide variety of pristine beaches, idyllic bays and extraordinary natural rock formations. Agia Irini, Parasporos, Farangas, Alyki, Pounta, Golden Beach, Dryos, Molos, Tsoukalia, Kolymbithres, Monastiri, Santa Maria are just a few of Paros’ beautiful award-winning beaches.
Its simple, yet stunning natural beauty and bounty provided the island with its main source of wealth that was the Parian marble. Used since the early Bronze Age, it soon became a premier material sought after for sculpture across the Aegean and mainland Greece due to its quality, whiteness, high transparency and light transmittance. It was used by the renowned Ancient Greek sculptor Scopas, and features in the Temples of Apollo at Delphi and at Delos, the Temple of Zeus in Olympia and the sculptures of Hermes of Praxiteles and Venus de Milo.

Surrounded by the sparkling blue of the sea and marked by history, Paros is a wonderland filled with stunning surroundings, a rich history, and incredible traditional architecture. With so many different areas to explore, each of your days will be filled with adventure and excitement. It is a place to discover, at least once, and realize you want to return again and again.

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