Nefeli Restaurant by Lefteris Lazarou

For those with an appreciation for good food and good living, the healing power of pleasure awaits at the Nefeli Restaurant of Yria. With a culinary philosophy both innovative and rooted in tradition, Nefeli Restaurant delivers delicious food and a farm-to-table experience. Fresh, organic ingredients are sourced from our own gardens, and seafood from local fishermen. We harvest nature’s bounty, prepare reimagined recipes passed down from mothers to sons and daughters, and bring pleasure to the plate, sharing meals among families and friends.

Let your vacation memories be shaped by the taste of authentic local produce, fresh seafood and exquisite dishes on your plate signed by the Michelin-star chef Lefteris Lazarou.

In the role of consulting chef, the Michelin-star and multi award winning chef Lefteris Lazarou signs the menu of Nefeli, conveying his passion for simple, fresh and healthy food rooted in the country’s rich culinary traditions. The menus are executed by our highly talented chef-de-cuisine and his team, promising to masterfully introduce guests to Greek cuisine’s most exciting flavors in their purest form.
Like the Ancient Greeks whose lives were tied to the sea, Chef Lefteris Lazarou has showed an innate love for the ocean from an early age. Born in 1952, he spent time on the high seas accompanying his father on international voyages and working alongside him as a cook. Life at sea was rewarding and fulfilling, giving him the chance to discover the diverse cuisines of the world. Equipped with knowledge and creativity, he then worked on cruise ships introducing Greek cuisine to the varied audiences on board. In October 1987 he opened the Varoulko Seaside Restaurant in Piraeus, offering exciting seafood dishes and flavors that are rich yet elegantly complex. With focus on superb quality fish and fresh produce, the restaurant serves Greek and Mediterranean dishes that are pioneering and inspiring, full of color and harmonious flavors. In 2002, Varoulko was awarded with one Michelin star, the first star to ever be bestowed on a chef serving Greek cuisine.
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