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10+1 reasons why Paros is for lovers

August 13, 2013

Yria’s guide to the ultimate romantic getaway in Paros for your honeymoon, anniversary or couple’s trip, includes everything from candle light dinners, sublime cocktails by the pool, aetherial suites and more…

For your honeymoon, anniversary, couple’s trip or any romantic getaway, Paros boasts an exclusive resort that offers the ultimate in romance, from candle light dinners, sublime cocktails by the pool, aetherial suites and more…


Some say, that the Greek islands were made for people in love. And this is partially true. Who can deny that a sunset over the Aegean is not beautiful even for one pair of eyes. But, speaking from experience, I must say, that the effect of the very same sunset, when gazed upon by a couple in love, almost surreally doubles, spreading a feeling of almost unbearable bliss! Starting with the notion that the ticket for a ferryboat ride (or a flight) to Paros is really a passport to romance we can proceed to revealing the top romantic aspects of what can only be described as an experience to be cherished for a lifetime…


ROMANCE IS… waking up in a dream. You’re there, in one of Paros’ signature enclaves featuring one sublime villa and several charming rooms and suites, where you may sleep with the windows open so the curtains dance in the sea breeze.




ROMANCE IS… having late breakfasts al fresco under the sound of singing cicadas who find shelter from the hot summer sun in the leaves of the garden’s fruit trees.




ROMANCE IS… a never-ending couple’s massage at the resort’s elegant pavilion or the lush gardens, whenever you feel like it -day or night!




ROMANCE IS… travelling light with your significant other, carring only the basics: a bathing suit, a sunscreen and a hat, yet getting as comfortable as you want, since luxury-class service is only a nod away at the Yria Resort & Spa.




ROMANCE IS… seating on a simple stone wall and marveling at the indigo blue water, the ancient brown hills, the unfailingly cloudless sky, and the rows of local fishermen selling their catch.




ROMANCE IS… playing hide and seek in the winding alleys of the island’s picturesque villages.




ROMANCE IS… marvelling at the sunset and letting the days go by without once looking at a watch. When you forget time and make time for each other, you enter a special world that you will never want to leave.



Purple sky seen from the Parasporos beach, located at a stone’s throw from Yria Resort…


ROMANCE IS… exploring the most secluded beaches and serene coves on the island. Just the two of you…




ROMANCE IS… lounging on posh recliners with a cocktail in your hands caressed by a light Aegean breeze in the afternoons.




ROMANCE IS…  sharing candle light dinners for two at the Nefeli restaurant tasting Mediterannean Cuisine at its best while enjoying the starry night sky over Paros.




ROMANCE IS… the feeling that the two of you are the only ones in the world, hidden on a quiet corner of the Cyclades.




And finally, do not forget: Paros is not an island. It is a love story that will keep you spell bound for a life time!  L.C.

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