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Yria boutique hotel & Spa guide to Paros Holidays: Traditional feasts

August 27, 2019

At the Yria boutique hotel & Spa we aim to pamper our guests with indulgent accommodation, whether at our lavishly appointed pavilions and suites, or at our Yria Ktima luxury Villa; bespoke services, luscious surroundings and thoughtful amenities and sumptuous food and drink. But above all, our goal is to immerse our visitors into authentic, unparalleled experiences that leave them with huge smiles and a host of tales to tell. This is why we are busy amassing insiders’ tips and intel to put into our continuously updated, comprehensive and multidimensional guide to Paros Holidays.

Traditional Parian feasts are amongst the most joyful, unforgettable occasions in island life. Nothing less than veritable expressions of the time honored Dionysian spirit with which local are imbued since birth. So let us begin our guide to Paros Holidays with a tribute to these amazing folkways:


Yria boutique hotel & Spa guide to Paros Holidays: Orthodoxy’s greatest celebration

Rivaling even Easter in splendor and grandeur, August 15th -dekapentavgoustos- the day of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary is one of the greatest celebrations in the Greek Orthodox religion, observed by both the public and the private sector. As everywhere else in the country, across the island of Paros on the eve and on the day of dekapentavgoustos, smaller or bigger feasts are held, involving copious amounts of food and drink as well as music and dancing. The most famous one takes place at the early Byzantine, majestic (and remarkably well preserved) church of Panayia Ekatotapyliany in Parikia. Following the religious formalities and the brass-band parading of the icon, there is a no-expense-spared fireworks display over the bay, while the trademark strong Parian wine, flows generously until the small hours.


Yria boutique hotel & Spa guide to Paros Holidays: Time honored traditions

Not to be missed occasions which afford visitors a glimpse into the real local life, these traditional panigyria seamlessly blend spirituality and devoutness with exuberance and elevation. Organised and attended by young and old alike since time immemorial, they are the highlight of the social calendar, the quintessential expression of hospitality and the binding glue of the community. Good news is that these primordial, iconic fiestas are still going strong today.


Yria boutique hotel & Spa guide to Paros Holidays: Dates to Save

For despite having been strongly exposed to the influences of cosmopolitanism in recent years, as their island is rapidly turning into a world class travel destination, the people of Paros remain unfalteringly true to their age old customs and traditions. This means that there is a host of folk feasts throughout the year.

Some are inspired by religion, others commemorate historical events, while there are those which just celebrate everyday life.

Should you find yourselves at our island in late summer and autumn, to get a taste of the real Paros, make sure you partake in one (or more) of these most characteristic celebrations:

  • August 23rd- The Barbarossa Pirate’s Festival: Nine days after the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the quaint fishing port of Naoussa gets flooded with merrymakers celebrating the victory of the locals over the notorious Turkish pirate Barbarossa, back in 1753. Firework displays are combined with a torch-lit fishing fleet promenade; while there is dancing, eating and drinking until dawn.
  • August 27 th- Panigyri of Agios Fanourios: An exemplary traditional feast with live music and loads of dancing, held at the picturesque village of Ambelas.
  • August 28 & 29 th- Panigyri at Agios Ioannis Detis, held in the homonymous monastery in the gulf of Naoussa and at the quaint village of Lefkes.
  • Early September- Celebration of the “trata” (small fishing boat): Seafood, wine and souma flowing copiously at this traditional feast in Paroikia.
  • September 8th- Panigyri in honor of Panagia Faneromeni in Marmara, a small agricultural village located on the eastern side of Paros, 15 km from Parikia.
  • September 14th- Celebration of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Aigeria and Aliki. Following the Divine Liturgy, traditional delicacies are offered in the courtyard of the church of Aigeria. On the same night dances and songs from all over Greece are presented in Aliki.
  • November 25th- The feast of Agia Aikaterini. This day is solemnly celebrated in Lefkes with a Divine Liturgy at the village’s church in the morning, and the icon’s procession through the streets later on. November 25th, also commemorates the Greeks Resistance in WW2.

We hope the above has whetted your appetite for some traditional style partying! Stay tuned for more of our Yria boutique hotel & Spa guide to Paros Holidays!

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