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Magical Christmas in Paros

December 20, 2019

An interplay between cerulean and laden, grey skies. Rough wavy seas. Quaint whitewashed villages without a tourist in sight. A calm, esoteric vibe, so very different from the frenzied, sprightly summer ambiance. Though you’ve probably never associated it with Christmas, Paros’ spectacular winter scenery offers a captivating, albeit somewhat unconventional, backdrop for celebrating the sparkling season.

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Experience the joys of wine with a September visit to the Yria Pavilions & Villas in Paros

October 14, 2019

The roots of viniculture in Greece are lost in the depths of prehistory. Evidence suggests that ancient Greeks have been cultivating grapes as early as the second half of the fifth millennium BC. Associated with the cult of the god of harvest and fertility, the wine was deeply rooted in their culture. They believed that by drinking it they were actually feasting on the blood of Dionysus, thereafter themselves acquiring some of his enviable qualities. As a staple of the Greeks’ diet, wines were also embedded in everyday life.

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Yria boutique hotel & Spa guide to Paros Holidays: Traditional feasts

August 27, 2019

At the Yria boutique hotel & Spa we aim to pamper our guests with indulgent accommodation, whether at our lavishly appointed pavilions and suites, or at our Yria Ktima luxury Villa; bespoke services, luscious surroundings and thoughtful amenities and sumptuous food and drink. But above all, our goal is to immerse our visitors into authentic, unparalleled experiences that leave them with huge smiles and a host of tales to tell. This is why we are busy amassing insiders’ tips and intel to put into our continuously updated, comprehensive and multidimensional guide to Paros Holidays.

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Life on the beach: The quintessence of Paros holidays. A guide to beaches in Paros

May 31, 2019

Sea, sun, and fun. The iconic triptych has been long associated with Paros holidays, ever since the whitewashed, fertile island in the middle of the Aegean was first discovered by the bohemians of the 60’s. And though nowadays the “hippie trail” has ceased to exist, Paros beaches continue to remain perhaps the most essential lure and reason for which to embark on Paros holidays.

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