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Life on the beach: The quintessence of Paros holidays. A guide to beaches in Paros

May 31, 2019

Sea, sun, and fun. The iconic triptych has been long associated with Paros holidays, ever since the whitewashed, fertile island in the middle of the Aegean was first discovered by the bohemians of the 60’s. And though nowadays the “hippie trail” has ceased to exist, Paros beaches continue to remain perhaps the most essential lure and reason for which to embark on Paros holidays.

Very much understandably at that: They are abundant; all strikingly beautiful with trademark, transparent, peacock or azzure colored waters and mesmerizing vistas. Whether with golden sands, which is most often the case; or with shiny soft pebbles; offering something for every taste and style. Quite a few are organised with luxurious sunbeds, gourmet food and drink, mischievous, daintily clad boys and girls dancing to the latest tunes and even superyachts in the background. Others, while also boasting premium facilities and services, are less loud in tone and character; ideal for families with kids and amorous couples. Some, by affording no protection from the winds have become the surfers’ and kite surfers’, version of heaven on earth. Others, while protected from the characteristic meltemia, are also suited to the adventurous, active types, offering various water sports, including canoe, tubes or scuba diving. And then there are those with no sign of organised facilities in the horizon; with the sound of the waves and the seagulls, being the only soundtrack, even in the height of the high season.


Indeed Paros holidays are all about the beach life! To help you navigate through the choice, without further ado, we hereby present our Yria boutique hotel & spa, handpicked suggestions for the best beaches in Paros: Take your pick as your mood strikes you. One thing is certain: Your Paros holidays will be amongst the most memorable in your lives!


Paros Holidays on the Beach



A gorgeous sandy beach with calm and crystal clear waters, boasting a lively beach bar with sundeds and exotic straw umbrellas. Food is very good and so is the music and overall vibes. Faragas moreover offers various water sports, including kayaks and paddle boards, so it is popular amongst the energetic set, but also families with kids. It is also a good snorkeling spot. Though it is only accessible by private vehicles it gets quite busy, but its third and smallest inlet affords relative seclusion.

Golden beach/coast


Aptly named thanks to its soft golden sand, it is one of the most popular beaches in Paros, and an all time favorite amongst surfers from around the globe. In fact the Windsurfing World Championship was held here for many years; whilst with its crystal clear waters, animated beach bars and restaurants, the Golden Coast or Chrissi Akti in Greek, also attracts visitors looking for another sort of action.



Everybody loves this beach. With good reason: It is long and sandy with clean, emerald waters, and a spectacular sunset unfolding just in front of it. This is why a lot of people choose it for their wedding ceremony. Come dusk, indeed it becomes one of the most idyllic spots on the island! Parasporos moreover sports a host of amenities, several bars and tavernas and is also home to the Yria Boutique Hotel & Spa. Inspired by postcard-pretty, archetypal island settlements, our luxurious Paros hotel offers a wide variety of lodging types, to suit different preferences and needs as well as the latest amenities and a vast array of tailor made services. Blending Cycladic chic with heartfelt hospitality, the Yria is one of these places that get under your skin: Just the perfect base for your Paros holiday; whether you are travelling solo; with your better half; with or without kids; or as a part of a fun oriented group of friends.


Santa Maria


To party but also do some wind surfing, water-skiing or scuba diving, Santa Maria is a great option. Long, with fine golden sand and translucent waters it is particularly popular among the younger crowd, as it features a lively and spirited beach bar. It also hosts some more quiet, quite sophisticated restaurants and tavernas in Paros.



Sculpted by the wind, in and by the water, the millions of years old granite rock formations surrounding this beach in Paros, create a stunning scenery that looks like something out of an extra terrestrials’ movie set. The rocks also form natural swimming pools, savored by young and old alike. It is understandably quite crowded due to its high scenic value; but nevertheless a not to be missed, forever remembered sight.



Not to be confused with its namesake party beach which is located on the island’s southern side, Pounda is on the west, 9km from Paroikia (Paros’ port), opposite Antiparos. Thanks to its strong winds, it has become the playground of the kite and wind surfer’s international elite. If action and spectacle is what you’re looking for, then Pounda is the place to be. Go to learn from or compete with the best; and enjoy a most remarkable site as the kites dance acrobatically between the sea and the sky. Once you find yourselves there, you might as well take the ferry to Antiparos to catch a glimpse of this hip and happening little island, too.



On the eastern side of Paros, surrounded by high cliffs, this small cove is partly covered in  sand and partly in pebbles. Completely unorganised, with a beauty of its own, Kalogeros, allegedly named after a monk (kalogeros in Greek) who fell from the aforementioned rocks, is mostly renowned for its healing mud baths. Not to be missed, should you be looking for 100% natural and free spa treatment!



A secret beach, unbeknownst to the crowds, on the road to the most popular Santa Maria, it is sublimely relaxing and peaceful; and that’s not to mention gorgeous. There are no umbrellas or sunbeds, but with some luck you may find shade by the dunes. Nudist friendly, Lageri is for those who are willing to venture off the unbeaten path.



Untouched by mass development and unknown to the crowds, this hidden gem, a calm bay between the touristy resorts of Aliki and Drios is ideal for relaxing and getting away from it all. Its remarkably clean waters are good for snorkeling, and adored by kids.

This is but a sample of the litoral delights in store. Make yourselves comfortable at the Yria Boutique Hotel & Spa, start relishing our culinary offerings and bespoke Spa treatments and make the most of your stay!

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