There are many good reasons to visit Paros in October. Here are some:

November 5, 2019

Happy, shiny people posing under brilliant cerulean skies; eating and drinking against the backdrop of quaint whitewashed villages; dancing their nights off amidst scenic fishing ports; kite surfing or just lounging on blue and gold beaches…. 


For the past months, you’ve been bombarded by images like these on social media. Posted by those (most likely) enviable friends holidaying at the Greek islands.


Surely they were having the time of their lives: Renowned across the world, the Greek summer finds its most glorious manifestation in the Cycladic islands. But did you actually know that an equally great time to visit is in the fall?


Heavenly Paros in October

Let us elaborate by using the example of Paros: Somewhat lesser-known (at least up to now) than its socialite neighbors –Mykonos and Santorini– this archetypical Cycladic island, right in the middle of the Aegean archipelago, boasts a postcard-perfect scenery, complete with whitewashed villages and paradisiacal beaches; as well as a lively daytime and nightlife scene. Factor in its rich culture and traditions and that’s not to mention great food and drink, and you can see why it is nowadays rapidly becoming one of the Mediterranean’s most desired holiday destinations. But the end of the summer season doesn’t mean that life stops here. Being the third-largest island of the Cyclades, Paros remains quite zestful throughout the year. In fact, Paros in October looks and feels like a little slice of heaven on earth.


On the one hand, most yachts and tourists have departed by then and the beach bars have packed it in. Good thing is that you won’t have to make reservations at the island’s restaurants and tavernas -or anywhere for that matter. Simply put, you’ll get the chance to discover the notable Parian gastronomy and gems of wines, at your own pace, with peace and ease and without paying a fortune for the privilege.


You also won’t have to hear the latest hits blasting from every corner of the island’s main towns. So you can have the impossibly cute port of Naoussa all to yourselves; or you may take leisurely strolls in the capital, Parikia, unperturbed by the crowds: Make sure to explore its labyrinth alleys around the ruins of the Venetian castle, uncover its hidden neoclassical mansions and ancient ruins, and visit the majestic Byzantine church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani. Without the typical hustle and bustle of the summer months, you’ll get forever hooked.


Plus the weather of Paros in October, with the easing of the strong Meltemi winds that this time of the year customarily brings, shows kindness: You can still lounge on the beach, acquire the perfect tan, and swim in the sea without shivering. You can also go on long walks, hiking, cycling, and riding, without getting scorched from the summer heat. Paros is packed with natural charms, which you’re welcomed to discover no matter the season.


Live like a local in Paros in October

What ‘s more visiting Paros in October is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons by trying something different: Autumn brings the annual grape harvest which translates into days of zestful local celebrations: Nothing short of a primordial, Dionysian kind of experience involving copious amounts of feasting on local souma (the 40% proof, albeit smooth tasting product of the grape leftovers distillation) and Parian delicacies. Joyous, time-honored occasions in which you’re most cordially invited -and most strongly advised- to partake in. In fact, October in Paros brings about the perfect opportunity to venture off the beaten path; beyond box-ticking and what’s on the surface. With islanders -shop owners and residents- returning to their normal rhythms now is the time to discover what life on the island is really all about; and to get immersed in the local cadences and culture, for an experience you’ll remember forever.

So before the chill officially sets on the island, why don’t you catch the last rays of the sun, and recharge your batteries with a last-minute, fall visit to Paros?

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