Celebrate Valentine’s in style with a romantic getaway in Paros

February 14, 2020

History and myths are intertwined in the case of Valentine’s day. Read on for the lowdown, get inspired and take your lover into a romantic getaway in Paros.

Red roses, spicy lingerie, teddy bears, cutesy cards, candlelit dinners, heart-shaped candy…These are some of the Valentines’ day essentials. Thanks to tradition and myth, February the 14th is enthusiastically celebrated by lovers around the world in all sorts of classic -or even better, ingenious- ways. But what lies behind the pretty flowers and the declarations of undying love? How did this particular date come to be romance central?

Some favor the naturalist version which is based on the ancient belief that birds begin to mate specifically on February 14th. Most, however, endorse the patron saint of love narrative. In this case, too, the story is quite old, dating back to pagan times. Centuries before Christ, the Romans held a lavish feast in honor of Juno, Queen of the gods of Rome and Goddess of women and marriage, on February 13th. The next day marked the beginning of the Lupercalia: A sensual two day festival in honor of Luperkus, the Wolf Hunter: Through a series of rites and ceremonies, the, then socially constricted, young boys and girls came into contact and often fell in love with each other. As it happens it was not unusual for all this to culminate into a full-blown orgy!

Nobody complained, however, until the 3rd century A.D. When Emperor Claudius Gothicus realized that these customs actually hurt the vigilance of his army: Lovestruck soldiers preferred to stay home with their paramour rather than go to war. So without thinking too much about it, the cruel sovereign issued a decree banning all marriages and engagements in Rome. Alas, Valentine, a young Italian priest disagreed and in defiance continued to secretly marry couples. Furious to find out Claudius thereafter ordered Valentine’s imprisonment and beheading. According to the legend, this happened on February 14th. Apparently just before he died Valentine left a thank-you note to the warden’s daughter, who kept him company during his time in prison. The letter was signed “With love, Valentine”, a phrase which was to be repeated time and time again in the centuries to come.

Celebrate love with a romantic getaway in Paros!

Though Valentine’s Day does not feature on the official church calendar, it is certainly honored with gusto and zest around the globe. A much anticipated yearly occasion, it is a prime opportunity for couples to affirm their devotion to each other- if not a good excuse to ask that girl (or boy!) out on a date. Howbeit popular, Valentine’s Day celebrations need not be limited to the classic repertoire staples -chocolate and all… Nor do they need to occur on the designated day!

This year make a difference with a romantic getaway in Paros!

Smack in the middle of the Cyclades, Paros is an island of unique beauty and delightful vibes: A little slice of heaven on earth where whitewashed charm meets picture-perfect sunsets, the Aegean’s trademark crystalline waters and some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. Indeed this is textbook romance -without the corniness. So if you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift, this year dare to make a difference with a romantic getaway in Paros. Your better half will surely be thanking you! And since romance is the desideratum, nobody does it better than the Yria Boutique Hotel & Spa. Tucked at the heart of gorgeous Parasporos amongst an oasis of vineyards, trees, and wildlife, the Yria Paros luxury Resort is dedicated to pure indulgence. Elegant and luxurious, modern yet full of character, with unsurpassed bespoke service, this stunning hotel is here to transform your romantic getaway in Paros into an experience like no other.

Though all of Yria’s accommodation options are conducive to romance, for utmost privacy and seclusion choose the private pool suite. Treat yourself to a cocktail by your infinity pool, gazing at the sun setting over the Aegean Sea, knowing that you deserve only the absolute best. Live an unforgettable Paros adventure; or just relax and unwind at your sanctuary of wellbeing: The Astir Spa at the Yria features a variety of pampering treatments in its thoughtfully appointed facilities, designed to soothe and realign mind, body, and soul. After all, you will want to look and feel your best on your romantic getaway in Paros. And what better way to celebrate your idyll than at the sew view Nefeli Restaurant. This year this renowned fine dining establishment in Paros inaugurates its collaboration with Varoulko’s star-studded chefs Lazarou and Parikos. Arrive just before sunset, to savor their creations against a fiery, tangerine sky; or opt for room service for the ultimate gourmet dreamy dinner. If starry-eyed is what you are going for, you surely can’t beat this!

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