The delights of spring in Paros

May 6, 2020

Azure sunny skies over verdant landscapes dotted with multi-coloured wildflowers, their scents permeating the air: You probably wouldn’t expect such imagery from a typically dry and barren Cycladic island, yet this is Paros at this particular time of year. Resplendent with its cool little towns coated in white, quaint fishing harbours lined up with taverna tables, blue-domed churches, blonde-sandy beaches and vibrant bars and cafés.

Though you might not be able to experience all this in person (not yet, anyway!) spring in Paros does look good and feels even better. Normally Easter brings about the beginning of the tourist season and along with it some considerable, albeit enjoyable, hustle and bustle. But at the end of the weeklong festivities, the pace of life goes back to its laid back normal. For, despite being quite cosmopolitan, Paros has managed to retain its integrity, authenticity and local spirit: Traits which are alas, largely lost in other popular Greek resorts. And with nature in full bloom, spring in Paros really is one of the best times to be on this island.


Enjoying spring in Paros while making all necessary preparations for COVID-19 free holidays

We certainly understand how important holidays are for us all. So in these difficult coronavirus times, at the Yria Villas in Paros, we are taking all necessary steps to support you, our dear friends and guests, in your forthcoming travel plans. Until we are once more able to welcome you to our luxurious premises in gorgeous Parasporos bay, we shall be hereby taking you on a virtual tour of the delights of spring in Paros.


Spring in Paros: Activities & Tips

With May temperature averages in the mid 20 celsius and 14 hours of sunlight in a day, sunbathing is healing and swimming, quite feasible. And the best of all? You’ll have the glorious, trademark Parian sandy stretches all to yourselves!


It is also amazing to witness the island’s seasonal metamorphosis into a luscious, green oasis. Paros boasts an extended, well-maintained network of walking trails, just perfect for morning or evening hikes. At the end of one of these paths, the 19th-century lighthouse of Cape Korakas with its all-sweeping views will recompense you for your cardiovascular efforts. Likewise, towering above Parikia at 700 meters from sea level, the monastery of Agii Anargyri is a tranquil eyrie with majestic vistas over the gulf and the Aegean sunset. For those of a less active disposition, just strolling around the medieval villages of Marpissa and Prodromos is a relaxed, most photogenic experience.


Sports enthusiasts, on the other hand, can go horseback riding at dawn or at sunset, and even swim with these very well trained, very well-mannered horses. They can also get upright on a windsurfer at Chrisi Aktí, Santa Maria and Tsardakia beach, or kite-surf at Pounda in Parikia’s side, not far from the Yria Boutique Hotel & Spa. Quoting the Pro’s, the crossing of the Paros and Antiparos passage on a kite is a once in a lifetime adventure. Lessons are offered here at all levels by certified instructors.


Athletic types may take advantage of the sailing courses on Paros’ sailing club too, or go diving in the various shipwrecks, reefs and underwater caves throughout the island. As per the zen seekers, they can practice their om’s at Tao’s: A meditation centre and wellness retreat near the picturesque town of Naoussa offering the perfect escape from the stresses of modern city life.


Wine lovers will do well to visit a Parian winery, such as the one of Moraitis family near Naousa. With a viticulture and winemaking tradition dating as far back as Neolithic times, if locals know one thing, this is how to make wine. You may also sample some gems from the Parian vineyard paired with traditional delicacies made from the freshest locally sourced ingredients at Yria’s Nefeli restaurant. Its stunning sea views and inviting setting are certainly a reason to go out, but if you feel like staying in (and keeping your social distances too!) you may opt for room service at the comfort of your Yria luxury Room, Maisonette, or Suite, or private villa rental.


Paros in spring (or any time of the year for that matter!) is the closest you can get to heaven on earth. We hope that travelling will resume soon, as nothing beats hands-on experiences. But until it is all safe and well we’ll keep regaling you with Parian stories and insights. Stay tuned for more!

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