Experience the joys of wine with a September visit to the Yria Pavilions & Villas in Paros

October 14, 2019

The roots of viniculture in Greece are lost in the depths of prehistory. Evidence suggests that ancient Greeks have been cultivating grapes as early as the second half of the fifth millennium BC. Associated with the cult of the god of harvest and fertility, the wine was deeply rooted in their culture. They believed that by drinking it they were actually feasting on the blood of Dionysus, thereafter themselves acquiring some of his enviable qualities. As a staple of the Greeks’ diet, wines were also embedded in everyday life.

The islands were no exception. Yet some stood out from the others. Favored by climatic conditions -mild winters with low precipitation and no frost, hot summers with increased nighttime humidity and cool winds at the same time; and the dry, sandy and clay-like soil, the Parian vineyard has always been one of the most prolific in the Aegean. Santorini aside, Paros is in fact the only Cycladic island that boasts Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) wines.


Local varieties include Monemvasia, Mantilaria, Aidani (black and white), Vaftra, Karampraimi, Asyrtiki, Savvatiano, Malagouzia, Roditis, Maloukato and Potamisi.


Some date back to the prosperous early Cycladic Civilization; while others are salvaged from the Venetian era. Sown in the fertile Parian soil with tender care and love by producers who are becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of techniques and presentation, they are nowadays yielding some exquisite gems which have received international praise and acclaim.

A Dionysian kind of autumn at the Yria Pavilions & Villas in Paros

Dedicated to Dionysus, the annual harvest starts from late August and culminates in September. Great news for foodies, wine connoisseurs and the zestful for life! This is an excellent time to visit Paros as the ancient tradition of grape crushing is revived in various wineries throughout the island. Open and welcoming to visitors who wish to partake in a primordial, immersive experience, these are impromptu Dionysian celebrations that involve copious amounts of feasting on local wine and food but also dancing and singing.


Merrymaking combined with wine tasting, however, is not the only reason for which to visit Paros at this time of the year.


The weather is still mild, allowing for long walks, hiking, cycling, and riding -activities which are largely prohibited during the scorching summer months; whilst sea temperatures are particularly favorable for swimming. The (super) busy season is also drawing to a close -and that means you can go about exploring the island’s abundant beauties without the usual tourists’ hustle and bustle.


So how about a last-minute battery recharge with an autumn visit at the Yria Pavilions & Villas in Paros?

A stunning collection of Villas in Paros designed to please

Set amidst an oasis of vineyards, trees, and wildlife, at the heart of gorgeous Parasporos bay, the Yria offers luxurious hosting for different party sizes and compositions in its tres chic collection of Pavilions and Villas in Paros. Βlending Cycladic minimalism with timeless style, the latest amenities and a wide array of bespoke services, Yria’s accommodation options are vast and varied to cater for individual preferences and needs: Yet, from the superior, romantic double rooms, elegant junior suites, two-story family maisonettes, luxurious executive suites, and beautifully appointed suites with their own private infinity pool, to the spacious home away from home, residence suite, or the expansive, stunning private pool Yria Ktima, all of the Yria Pavilions and Villas in Paros, have one thing in common: They are designed with the discerning traveler in mind, to offer the utmost in indulgent living.


We love to pamper you.To this end, we proffer a host of concierge curated experiences, and an array of pampering packages at the hotel’s Astir Spa to soothe the mind, body, and soul. A sensory adventure also awaits you at the sea view Nefeli restaurant: Relish its sumptuous Mediterranean and local specialties prepared with the freshest locally sourced ingredients, along with select wines from the Parian and international vineyard at your convenience: Amidst the restaurant’s idyllic surroundings; with a private candlelit dinner under the hotel’s pavilion by the pool; or from the comfort of your Yria Villas in Paros. The choice is yours; after all, you are the author of your holiday stories. We are just here to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction!

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